I am a Southern artist exploring a paradox I have come to know as myself; a wonderfully, messy soul of contradictions who’s finding joy in abstract expression.


At my core, I am full of grit, a little grace and anxiety. When that core mixes with introversion, it creates an overwhelming abundance of thoughts and emotions that conflict with one another. It’s in moments of self-reflection where my internal chaos is parsed, analyzed and put back together through layers of brushwork. I use vibrant colors and expressive marks that swirl and flow together to mimic my internal struggle. It’s not easy to feel all the feels and sit in the mess of myself, but there’s beauty in the physical representation of the mess.

My professional and educational background is in User Experience and Graphic Design. Day over day I’m creating experiences for people that helps them do or learn something in the easiest, most effective way. My art is in direct contrast of systems thinking and simplicity – it’s organic in form, bold in expression, and heavy in wildness.

I draw color palette inspiration from miles of open land, roadside wildflowers, sunsets on the sound, and the waves of the Atlantic. The landscapes of eastern North Carolina are forever in my heart and embedded in my art.